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Hays Lisboa
Avenida de Republica nº 90 1º andar, fracção 4
1600-206 Lisboa
T: +351 21 782 65 60
F: +351 21 782 65 66

Hays Porto
Edifício Tower Plaza
1600-206 Lisboa
Rot. Eng. Edgar Cardoso, 23, 7º, Salas C e D
Vila Nova de Gaia
T: +351 22 607 86 10
F: +351 22 607 86 11

Administrative fluent in English and Polish

Grande Lisboa

Tipo de função
For about €119000gross/year

This is a young professional that has been working in different countries and her tasks have been more related to the sales administrative area. During some of her roles she had to manage databases, which included working with Excel and organize information, and customer service, answering questions related to invoices, about the service and also technical questions.
She is currently in Portugal and her goal is to continue in the country and find a new professional challenge, more related to the administrative area and having contact with customers of suppliers. She is someone dynamic, with good communication skills, resilient and has attention to detail.