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Hays Lisboa
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1600-206 Lisboa
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Hays Porto
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Rot. Eng. Edgar Cardoso, 23, 7º, Salas C e D
Vila Nova de Gaia
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Administrative Assistant fluent in German

Grande Lisboa

Tipo de função
For about €14000gross/year

This is a candidate with a Bachelor degree related to the health area, namely health prevention related sports.
For one year she worked at a clinic, where she was responsible for the reception, assist the doctor in small surgeries and also contact the clients after the surgeries. For her this was a very good experience, because she enjoyed the close contact with people.
Her next professional challenge was in a Retail Company, where she was mainly responsible for stock management, either physical or in the system, and also when needed she contacted the suppliers. From all the experiences that she had so far this was the one that she enjoyed the most, because she could establish a relationship with the suppliers and she felt that her work was essential.
Afterwards, due to family reasons, she moved to Portugal, where she had two professional opportunities, one as a call center operator and another one as a driver.
Currently, she is looking for a new professional opportunity, where she wants to stay and continue her career. She would like to embrace a project in the administrative area, where she could communicate with other people. She is someone with good communication skills, empathic, dynamic and that values team work.